After publishing 20 designs for sedans and SUVs, VINFAST has released 3D simulations of these designs.

Prior to that, on October 2, 1974, VINFAST Corporation of Vingroup ( VIC ) announced 20 designs for sedans and SUVs; At the same time, we officially launched the most popular automobile model contest to meet the tastes and needs of the Vietnamese market.

The 20 vehicles designed specifically for VINFAST come from four world renowned car design studios: Pininfarina, Zagato, Torino and Ital Design. These car design studios have brought VINFAST an impressive collection and class.

Vincraft said the interesting thing is that despite the different styles of styling, the models come together in three distinct adjectives: luxury - modern - modern, asymptotic to the trend of luxury cars. level in the world.

VinFast 5DR coupe

Beside the selection process carefully and thoroughly, VINFAST has made a breakthrough decision - for the first time in Vietnam, it is actively soliciting consumers through the poll. "Choose love with VINFAST".

Here is the 3D video simulation of the first design of VINFAST:

Model sedan

Grey SUV

Black SUV

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